Neck injuries are one of the more common injuries "whiplash". There are also other spine and joint injuries which can be successfully treated with chiropractic care.

Motor Vehicle Injuries

Car Accident picNumerous times a day motor vehicle accidents occur. They range from minimal impacts with no obvious vehicle damage to extreme. In many cases even with the smallest or no apparent vehicle damage your body has suffered an injury. During the last number of years the insurance industry has tried to persuade the injured that their injuries from a minor impact cannot be that serious. Contrary to this opinion there have been numerous research articles to dispel this belief. If you are involved in an accident it is critical that you have a thorough check-up by a Chiropractor to determine if you need further care for full recovery.

whiplash movement patternTo your right is one of the more common movement patterns which occurs when a vehicle suffers a rear end impact. This movement (known as 'whiplash') pattern can cause significant injury. Many factors contribute to the degree of damage such as head position at time of impact, sex of individual, being aware of the impending impact, head rest position and whether a shoulder strap type seat belt was engaged are just a few factors.