Chiropractic celebrated its 100 birthday in 1995 which was acknowledged by Canada Post's special issue stamps commemorating the occasion.

What is Chiropractic?

Brief Overview of Chiropractic

Chiropractic is the healing art & science utilizing no drugs but focuses on restoring your body's natural function to enhance your full healing potential.

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Our body's nervous system control's all aspects of our human function. For our bodies to be at their full potential it is imperative that there is no nerve interference. Our spine has many functions and one of the more important one's is the protection of our spinal cord and peripheral nerves. Often interference of our nervous system occurs at the spinal level. With Chiropractic care our goal is to remove interference and restore normal function to the nervous system by normalizing spine joint function.

At the Vancouver West Chiropractic Clinic our focus is to assess your overall health complaints and apply the appropriate treatments and recommend other lifestyle changes, such as diet, exercise and postural changes (which are just a few examples) so as to insure the quickest return to optimal health.